My College Days

Like everyone else, I entered this college with a pre-conceived
notion that it would be my life time experience,
something I

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would cherish for the rest of my life. And my
college life did live up to my perceived expectations, but
the other way round; in a very diff erent way indeed.
Though I belong to a humble background, but my inspirations
have always been ambitious. But our aspiration
and assumptions with which we enter college start going

haywire during

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The JEC’ians Portrait Glossary

The Planet JEC is a temple of learning where we find a brilliant rainbow of young minds from all over the country.I’ve made a small attempt to prepare a gallery of the people found in the campus.The readers of this article may find them or people they know resembling the characters in the article in various forms.

Any resemblance is surely coincidental and purely unintentional.

But before i begin, I request you to take the classification sportively.So let us begin straightaway.

Mr. Born to be good : They are seen in the first two rows of the classroom..shooting questions at the teacher.Their quest for knowledge will end only in the doom’s day.Their brains are filled with equations and at leisure they can be seen haunting the library. God help them..!!

Mr. Engineers :Their intelligence and vast technical knowledge is the reason for their appreciation.They smile when ‘Mr. Born to be good’ asks questions in the class. Everyone would like to know what secret tonic do they have..

Mr. Fundu : They are life of this college.They try their in hand in all activities,cut classes occasionally, enjoy all sports and co-curriculars and are frequently found playing cricket/football near the college lake.They pass every exam relatively unhurt (thanks to the Shivani QBs..)

Mr. Know everything : This is a unique lot. Their number is very less but they have a lecture on eveything under the sun. Ask them the pulse rate of Neil Armstrong when he landed on doubt you’ll get an answer..

Mr. Boss : He who does not need a boss to rule is usually chosen to be the one. But everyone really fails to understand exactly whom he is actually ruling. They have the unusual talent of convincing people and no matter what the difficulty, they find the solution of every problem they face..

Mr. Romeo : You can see them trying their level best to impress girls. They can also be seen enjoying their talks with the girls around. People often wonder what they have so much to talk about…!!

Enough classification of males..Lets get to the most awaited section, the classification of the females..

Miss Extracurricular : They are the ones who enjoy life most in the campus. Any extra curricular activity in the college, look around and they will be found. They go dormant at the time of exams and get back to business after them.

Miss Bookworm : Their world is full of study, study and study alone. Pity they are wasting their lives..Open your eyes..the world is waiting for you..

Miss Engineers : They form the counterparts of Mr. Engineers. Many among them are a very friendly lot with a smile pasted on their face..

Miss Posh : They have high superiority complexes. They are oblivious to anything happening in the world around them..Apart from all this they have a mentality “Oh..Somebody is watching..” and attend classes regularly for this sake..

Miss Clique : They are found hanging around in groups .Whatever they do, they’ll do it in groups. What they are upto no one has been able to understand..and the clues obtained point to the never never land..

        In the end, I’ll like to conclude..

Wherever we belong..whatever group we are in..we are part of one JEC family..


Sakshi Arora

Civil 4th sem

Annual College Magazine – Jabalpur Engineering College